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BFG Comp T/A Drag Radials????


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Jan 9, 2002
'77 Black 4sp Coupe '96 Polo Green Coupe
Does anyone have any experience with BFG Drag Radials?
I'm trying to find the best grab the road tire I can that doesn't freak out in rain To/From work.
Nitto drag radials got some good press recently in one of my magazines. It was either Hot Rod or Super Chevy probably.

A few of the guys were running M/T's at at the innaugural West Coast Corvette Challenge event here in SoCal a couple of weekends ago. I can't say how they'd do in the rain though. :L

_ken :w
I don't think you want to use those in any rain. My friend's Camaro had BFG Drag slicks with 4.11s and I took it for a ride. A sprinkler system had just watered a nearby grassy knoll (no mystery shooters, though) and run off had spilled onto the road. It was "tail-out city" I tell ya! :eek I couldn't have been going more than 20 around the corner when it happened. Luckily, I caught the rear before I whipped around. Whew!

I've had those BFG Drag Radials since last year bu have never raced with them, I tryed them on the street and they hook up pretty good, but then I don't know about that Nitto ones, I have the 295/65-15's and they are pretty nice, and handle good in turns(without water :))
hence the term "slick"
Guess I will stick with my Michelin 285 Pilots :)

happy motoring
I had a Camaro with the BFG's. A great tire at the strip but on the road not so good. If the street is damp you can not take off from a light with out spinning the tires.

If you plan on running this tire at the strip watch your air pressure. I ran mine at 16 PSI. This is where the tire hooked up best for me. Do not forget to put air back in before going back on the street if you want them to last . I recommend that you only use this tire if you are going to race that day and remove afterward.
nitto drag radials

I am running the nitto drag radials, they hook up much better on any kind of surface, than the stock tires. In the rain you must be very careful with any drag radial! Hope this helps you out.
yeah i heard the same.........

about nitto's they are the best, cause was thinking about getting the BFG drag radials but heard they get slippery after a couple burn outs sorta like regular radials.....

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