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Big block aluminum heads



I have a set of 074 big block heads. I was told they were used on 1969 big blocks and a few camaros. Are they of any major value? I have not see a set of these for sale anywhere. They were used on the Z1 aluminum motor in 1969. Would anyone know the true value of this set. The have been in storage for over 20 years.

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My book shows the 3946074 casting aluminum head as used on the '69 L88 and ZL1. Then they show up again in '71 on the LS6 454/425hp engine. Three very rare and significant engines. I would think that the heads should be priced accordingly.

I don't know if they were available over the parts counter at the Chevy dealer. You should look in Hemmings (either print or http://www.hemmings.com ) or other Corvette car and parts publications for similar heads for sell. Might give you an idea.

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similar heads at eBay

There is apair of similar heads at Ebay auction...the current price at 0430 hrs 01 MAR is nearly a grand. The link below should take you directly to the listing with pics and info. I don't know the fellow who is selling; I just offer info for comparison. Best Regards, Jack.

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