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big block from hell, for those who missed it!


I have read through this, what am I missing? What is not true?

I hate when I can't see the forest for the trees!
'I thought everyone knew about but lately I find thats not totally true. (I found out that although this article has been around for years not everyone has read it! which I find surpriseing because the very first thing I did when I bought my 68 big block vette (since sold) was research every thing I could find about bbc/vette builds and this article is constantly refered too)
I bought my vette from a guy who followed the BBFH suggestions and did many of the things to the vette i now own. Im glad he did, because it improved the car alot.

Im now right in the process of making my vette The 'BBFTDPOH' (Big Block From The Deepest Part of Hell) : New Rods, pistons, Hyd.Roller Cam and lifters, and bored .060 over .


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