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big gap between door & Front fender



My other vette (79) had the same gap but not as bad. On this one (77) the passenger side is decent, But the gap between the driver door & front fender is very noticeable.
If I knew how to post pics with my digital I could show the problem. Or maybe it's a common thing?
Any help would be appreciated
I am not much on the history and trivia of these cars. However, I have heard that two different people were responsible for matching the gaps (one on each side) which often resulted in mismatched gaps.

So, it could be normal.

However, if you have a frame problem--ie as simple as a rusted out radiator core support, or as bad as a total frame collapse, the gap will move and change. If the car has been wrecked it may also have been changed.

Here is the good news. If you are going to repaint the car. It is not very difficult (just time consuming) to get both gaps to match.

Posting pictures here is easy after you get the hang of it. You can either reduce the size of your photo down with your print shop software then attach using the clickable button at the bottom of your new thread request, or upload to a web based server. Right click on the image and get the properties window to pop up. Copy the web link. Then, you can click on IMG when making a new post and insert that link where requested.

I used Photopoint.com for a variety of photo needs. It use to be free. I pay $19 a year to load up to 500 photos. You can even upload to Member's rides right here at CAC then link from there to the thread.

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