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Blowin' Speaker Amps



I've blown out two speaker amps this last Summer. $50. a blowout. Anyone else having that problem? When they go, the noise almost knocks you out of the car. I was told that once one goes, they all go one after another. I thought the Gold Bose system would last longer than that. I listen to the engine more than I do the radio. Just wondering.
I believe that Bose speakers have a lifetime warranty.
I know they do on any speakers that you may have in your
home electronics systems. That's why they cost so much.
I had a RR Bose Amp go about 6 years ago, replaced it with a new one, and haven’t had any trouble since! :)

Still running fine on the 3 other original ones.

IMHO, my Amp seemed to go when exposed to excessive heat during the Summer.
I am now running with a Rear Hatch Extender during the hot weather and haven’t had any more problems

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