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Blowing Fuses

Mar 3, 2001
Andover, MA USA
1986 "Bright Red" Coupe
Just started blowing fuses in my Tail lamp circuit, 10 amp. I can go a few months and then it blows. Happened 3 times so far. It happens when I'm driving with park lights on and fog lights on. I lose tail lights and fog lights, turn signals work fine. Any ideas, haven't done any modifications or anything to cause this. Only 40,000 mles.
I hate these... these are the worst!

Intermittants SUCK.

1) Are all the lights working properly, when the fuse is OK?

2) Have you replaced any of the bulbs in recent history?

3)Inspect ( carefully) the rear wiring harness
it loops around alot of metal in the back, make sure all the wires are in the black plastic sleeve and no wires are running loose back there chafing in the frame.

4) Sometimes the glue for the bulbs ( glass to socket) lets go.. and the solid wires for the bulb short to the socket .

5)Check all the wiring for the front as well for same problems.

6) Is there a pattern when the fuse blows
*Going over a bump
*1st thing in the morning
* When I step on the brakes
*When the moons full

7) Has the car been in any accidents ( that you know of)
The body shops are horrible at repairing wiring. If you see any of the looms covered with black tape( electrical ) that dosen't look factory...inspect it.

8) Leave the fog lights off for a while
and note if there is any change.

9) Some higher wattage bulbs were available for the fog lights, and you had to up the fuse to handle the increased current
See what kinda bulbs you got in there.

I would pull the lamps and check for possible water in the assembly.
I would pull the lamps and check for possible water in the assembly.

No chance of water in lighting assemblies, garaged all the time and never driven unless weather is clear and dry. I only wash it once a year in the spring. Problem began recently. Car has never been in any accidents that I can see, everything inside and underneath looks very original. I'll give a good look at the wiring and see if any thing is rubbing.
Humor me

Do the reverse lights work when the fuse goes?

Is there an after market alarm?


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