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body color? chrome? stumped!



Jeez o Man,. . . the world is a harsh place since the demise of chrome bumpers.

Cleaned the chrome on the 62 this weekend. Cleaned up nice, all things considered.


there's about 8 or nine inches of chrome bumper that wrap from the the quarter panel to under the headlights.
then the chrome fades into some different material , but the bumper continues across the radiator to where it eventually becomes chrome again.

What is (or was) this material? It's much more porous than the chrome. And it isn't stainless. And it doesn't seem to have been body colored?

Mark -

Sounds like someone has substituted something on your car; the end bumper pieces that wrap around the front of the fender under the headlights are chrome, and the center bar that goes across the grille opening and connects the two end pieces is also chrome. The actual grille, behind the center bar, is extruded aluminum, black-anodized and dyed black.
Hey Road-Oiler

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I have to agree with JohnZ .. your centerpiece seems to have been changed out. Or the ends have! .. One way or another, it sounds like a re-chrome is in order.. unless you're going for Bloomington Gold.. then it's better to stay original!

Welcome once again and STW!!
Thanks for the response guys.

You were correct, (of course, you were) I found a nice pic of a 62, and that center piece is chrome.

I need to get a little more elbow grease in my cleaning next time.
There 's two things I know in this life. April 15 is the day to fill out and then mail your taxes, and, this car is original.

It's gonna be a great story when we're ready to tell it.



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