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BOOF! my first accident, WAHHHHH!


Motor head!!!!
Feb 13, 2001
Valencia, CA,USA
88 Convert ( SOLD ) /1973 coupe 4 speed/1964 Vert!
So there I was, pulling off the freeway, slowing down. There was 1 car in front of me at the bottom of the offramp. I came to a full stop, the driver in front of me pulled out. I inched up to the stop sign, Looked left, looked right, look left again.. starting to pull out and BUMP! The car that was in front of me had stalled! so we pulled over into the local gas station I got out and approached the 91
(earl scheib black) Nissan and asked if the two passengers were OK?! The LADY couldn't even speak english and her younger passenger ( About 14-16 year old girl ) could barely speak english! So we tried to exchange information with some sucess and everybody seemed ok. We looked at her car and I just krinkled a small area of paint on the bumper. It didn't seem like a big deal at the time so they left! I wnet to the front of my car and YIKES
( pictures to follow ) my bumper was toast!
I went and had the estimate done about $2500 worth of stuff!

So my car is resting comfortably at the shop getting it's nose job.

The ladys husband is ATTEMPTING to sue me for whiplash aka soft tissue injury.. The insurance people can't keep a straight face long enough to complete that form.

Well if it weren't for bad luck sometimes...well you know how that goes!

I feel your pain, vigman

I just went through a similar experience. The only good thing to come out of it - in my truck instead of the vette. Good luck!

72 Bluz
Hey Mike...

I felt a twing in my neck when I read this... Think I could get in on part of the action ;) Maybe a class action going here.... or sue the State for putting a stop sign there, or the car manufacturer for building the car..

I could get RICH......... NOT..

signed as a:
A concerned WITNESS :D

Mike that is a tough one! Sue the socker in the other car for not having it in good running condition and endangering the lives and property of others!
Actually, just like 72Bluz, while driving our big honkin Astro Van, I did the same thing.. the guy I hit was insured with the same insurance company as I and since there was no damage to my Van (that I couldn't fix with a big hunk of firewood!) no reflection on my record! Whew.. thank goodness for that. Similar thing as yours, looked left, right then left again. While looking right the other driver was leaving.. NOT.. when I looked forward again it was with trepidation as the next move was a sharp turn to the right and the sickening sound of a loud crunch!! Thumped the Maxima bumper into its fender!
Anyway, hope yours comes out of the nose job "good as new".

Sorry to hear about that. The good news is they can fix the car good as new.

I was in my first serious accident in May. Waiting in stop and go traffic on our local I-295 I was rearended by a 1987 Chevy van (doing 50 mph) and pushed into a F150 rear bumper. Totalled my little commuter car and put me in the hospital. I did not see it coming. The bad part was the car was paid for and getting nearly 50 mpg during the height of the energy crisis.

I don't blame the "innocent victims" for being upset at you, but that is no excuse to claim significant injury for a minor impact.

Good luck.

Sorry to hear about that Mike:(.

- Eric:w
Sarry about that Mike.

I lost my 87 when I was double t-boned. Some lady came out of a side street and tagged my passenger side door spinning my sidewise into oncoming traffic. Unfortunately my sidewards progress was interupted by a Ford Probe that hit my driver side door. In the span of seconds my 87 was turned into a C3.

I got my arm into the car just in time. Was a few inches taller and had one really big hole in my garage.

Let the insurance co handle the problem. It should be fine
Sorry to hear about your car

I hope the shop will be able to put it back together the way it was.

Sue the non driving SOBs for emotional distress & loss of services. That will fix em.

Sorry to hear about the accident. The good news is it is getting fixed. The better news is that really no-one was injured. Sueing for whiplash!! Only in America. Maybe they can sue Shell for quality control issues with gas that caused their car to stall!
Vigman. You deserve better! I just hated to hear that. I've never caused an accident but I have come ___n close many times.

Here is a funny story. When I was a very very little guy some dude rammed me and my grandma's Plymouth 3-sp column shift from behind. I remember the crunch. While my granny was still in semi-shock this guy comes running up to the window shouting obscentities and accusing her of backing up in traffic and causing the crash. Grandma was so upset that she admitted that "she might have done that, she guessed" (no way!). The cops accepted her sincere apologies and, I believe, cited her. At least that's the way I remember it.

Good luck.
Near misses!

I have had several near misses when the vehicle stopped in front of me rolls forward (and you think they're leaving!) so as you look L & R (totally passing over the vehicle still in front of you!) YOU roll forward!
Thankfully I have stopped in time with the 78! (BIG nose-dive!)
However, I did lightly bump a truck with my Olds. No damage to either vehicle, no problems, no exchange of info.

I guess it just pays to assume the other driver is an idiot and doesn't know what they're doing.
Truthfully, drivers are responsible for being sure the road ahead is clear. Drivers aren't responsible for anyone behind them. Unless they backed into you!
I'm glad your vette can be fixed. Its a shame it needs it at all, and I think the non-English-speaking-money-grubbing people in that other car should be whipped for trying to shamelessly make such a preposterous claim!
How do the insurance agencies deal with it!?
Hey Guys....

If you look at the first post date...it's been almost a YEAR.....

Well happy aniversary!
Thanks for the Sympathy... but she's been all better for a while!


( Gotta see who re surfaced this post)
:LROTFLMAO:L I didn't notice it either! But August 13, 2001 and August 6, 2002 ARE very similar! :L

_ken :w
No suit

it never happened!..I think the insurance investigators were laughing to hard to fill out the paperwork.

Damn! I couldn't quite tell from the pictures, but was the entire rear clip off the car? In that case, I guess it WAS worse than mine.

I take it you got it repaired eh? Mine cost me eleven or twelve to repair, what was the repair bill you faced? [size=-2](If you don't mind me asking. ;))[/size]

That's why they tell us to "Keep the shiny side up - rubber side down.", except in our cases we at least didn't go on our roofs. But it was shear (no pun intended) luck that I didn't go over the edge of the mountain which was just to my right. :eek

_ken :w
Cost $35,000 and 3 months. I use to joke why it took them 3 months to assemble something that took 1/2 second for me to disassemble. We were lucky to find a complete rear clip in same color. Spot welds were drilled through and the joints were slid off then new rear clip was slid on and spot welded just like it was done at the factory.
2 years after the repair, I submarined under a trailer at high speed and the car was totalled.
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