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I'm trying to find a stock 87 corvette bose stereo. The guy I bought my vette from threw it out a while back, and the new "awesome" one he installed in it's place sucks. Correct me if i'm wrong but all vettes from 87-89 had the same stereo. Where can I find one of these? And while I'm at it, does anyone know where I can pick up a Digital climate control panel? corvette america, ecklers, etc didn't have these...

As far as the stock radio goes......there used to be a company that advertises in Corvette Fever & Vette a lot that deals with the stock radios at reasonable prices. Not sure if they still do or not. Pop open a few back issues and you'll run across it for sure....it's a black & white ad.
For the panel.........you might want to check Ebay. I've seen all kinds of Corvette gauges and clusters for sale on there. Hope this helps..

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Bose radios: try the CAC home page, look under Diagonistics & Electronics, Bose radio repairs. One of these repair shops may know where you can get one. BTW, there is one for 90-96 listed here in CAC under Glassifieds.

As far as the A/C digital console panel, I needed one for a long time and finally found it at


note: it consists of two pieces, the faceplate and the pc boards.

Mine is working fine now!
lunar said:

I'm trying to find a stock 87 corvette bose stereo.

Kev, I've replaced my complete Delco/Bose system with Pioneer stuff. I've got all of the components. You've gotta come to California to get them (In your Vette, of course; if I can put close to 6000 miles on mine, so can you). :L
Bose Stereo

Ok looks like your in trouble
1) Are the factory speakers in use? or have they been replaced
2) Have you had the "custom" stereo out to look behind the dash?
3) Does the power antenna work?

Usually the HACKS that put this equipment in cut the factory wiring & toss the connectors out.. that means to go back to factory.... lots of wiring.Typically 5 places,
1)behind the dash for the radio
2&3)both doors to replace the 4 pin connector for the bose speaker/amp connector.
4&5) the rear speakers

That being said
Get a GOOD aftermarket system PROPERLY installed
and you will dig it!

My ride
88 Convertible
Clarion AM/FM CD indash 150 watts for Door & Dash speakers 250 watts for dual 10 kenwood subs in rear deck area. ( this is how I got the car... but the stereo was REALLY installed LAME) cost me $250 to get the whole thing rewired... NOW it rocks.. and just because I have all that power... just means great listening at NORMAL levels...

My.02 cents... go aftermarket

vigman -

thanks for the info. as a matter of fact, actually, my power antenna is broken; it recieves, but it won't retract. is this related to my stereo? and the speakers are bose except in the unlikely event that someone just slapped the grille over them. Basically, i want the original bose because it looks good in the console and because the one i have now is always cutting out. I don't know man. It's funny you mention you have a clarion tho; that's what's in mine now!

- Kev
The only way to tell

My convertible looks like I've got factory speakers in the doors... so ya gotta look!

1st pull the grilles in the front doors there will be a 4" Normal 1 way speaker in a plastic box behind the grille, with a flyswatter lookin' chunk of plastic covering the speaker... same for the rear.

The ANT could be your relay which is located near the rear hatch release solonoid... when you turn the car off the ant should go down see of the relay goes CLICK, or if the motor spins

Have you had the dash apart yet and we can confirm the wiring?

Ant question

Yes.. the ant logic is part of the stereo. When you turn the radio on a ( pink I believe ) wire is hot which fires the ant relay ( The motor controls via the relay are connected to the battery) so when the key is off the ant SHOULD auto retract reguardless of the radio condition( on or off )


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