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has anybody ever replaced a bose deck with a new aftermarket deck...because the people at best buy and circut city say that it cant be done with the bose system because of the amp that runs the speakers and i was just woundering if this is true or if all i have to do is just buy a new deck and wire harness and hook the thing up....because my mustang has a amp in it to and when i put the new deck in that i didnt have any problems with it and its almost the same factory set up if u think about it

any help would be nice thanks
Vettes rule
84X-Fire said:
...because my mustang


:L It's OK, you're welcome here with the rest of us gearheads. :upthumbs

Whatever replacement unit you choose will need an adapter (I forget what it's called :eyerole) to work with your Bose speakers. I've got one laying around somewhere unused; I replaced the factory unit when the tape player started acting-up with a Pioneer unit and kept the Bose speakers, and I needed that adapter at the time.

Well, it sounded ok, and I knew we could do better, but I wasn't looking to blow out anybody's eardrums or anything; I just wanted enough power to be able to accomodate my side exhaust, and running down the highway with the top off. :D

Now don't get me wrong, I love my Bose system at home, and Bose does wonderful things for outdoor installations too (and an added plus is the fact that it is an American company - "The Mountain", what an address!) :L

However, I decided to replace the Bose speakers in my Vette with a matching system for the head unit consisting of the following: (more info available at my website)
· Pioneer DEH-P76DH Multi-CD control player with ID-Logic tuner
· CDX-P650 6-CD changer
· GM-X354 bridgeable four-channel power amplifier
· Pioneer speakers
- 6x9 2-ways in the rear
- 4" mid-ranges in the doors
- 1" dome tweeters in the dash

The installation was handled by Dennis at Strictly Security & Sound in Torrance, CA. Many thanks!

:nono Don't ask me about numbers at this time, I can't concentrate. :L

Hope this helps ya!
Check out our site to see how we handled it......dont let those Bozos at Circuit City touch it...they'll just end up wrecking the harness.......

......if u do use the "doo hicky" converter make sure its a quality one of aluminum...the junk Custom Auosound uses (looks like a cheap RCA connector) will picj up every engine whine due to lack of shielding.....
BAH Yes you can you gotta work but yes you can heres what I did
RUN NEW WIRES! you can do anything if you do that all I did was use factory pwr's/Gnd's in the deck (cut the plug off and tape up unused wires) and theres your deck now run new Speaker wire through the doors and to the back (being careful not to cross any power leads on the way(Alternator noise is a bugger in these cars) anyway heres what Im running

Panasonic 5Volt Dx99 CD
Alpine Type S Component speakers (5" with tweet)
Alpine Type R 6x9's (3 way)
Prolink Capacitor 1.0 Farad
Pheonix gold/Stinger Blocks and wiring
Sony Mobile ES 5 Channel amp (XM 7557)
2 JL 10W0 8Ohm (working on better ones)

This acutally was the easiest car Ive ever done just make sure you buy a Install kit for the deck (1/2 din) and watch your RCA's for Power crossings and you'll be fine (I had bose to so if boxes/amps are in your way Remove them)
Whoops forgot if you dont want to cut the orginal harness dont.. just run a power wire from your battery (use a Inline fuse here) and a Ignition wire from your fuse panel(also good Idea to use a fuse here) I found doing it myself was cheaper and less hassling than converters (I had a converter but Boy did I get alternator Whine....Last guy did this instal not me, I simply removed it)
well i just put a new after market deck into my 84 vette and only 2 of the speakers work (front right, left rear). i was wondering if it would be better to put after market speakers or by bose speakers. Also it looks like there are 2 speakers in the top of the dash, are they speakers or just look like speakers? if aftermarket speakers will be better then what size? Any help would be helpful thanks.....
The rear Speakers were designed to hold 6x9's

There is a Mounting bracket which hold the Bose speaker box, is you remove the box and not the whole thing (leave the bracket) then use that bracket you'll find a New speaker box already made out in the Quarter panel and that bracket will hold a 6x9 perfectly

I did this with type S Alpine 6x9's and they sound Great!! with a little amp assistance (which you can put inside you storage compartment) they will blow the Bose outta water (I found anyway)

As for the doors WHOLE NEW BALL GAME..... the box inside the doors will make you think the car was built around the speaker system. I just pulled mine yesterday and heres how it went!

I unscrewed the Box apart from the door them unscrewed the box itself (it being 2 pieces) the to get it out (with door panel off) I had to use a SAWZALL!!! I chopped and hacked it outta there then forcfully removed the last piece with little ease

the Dask speaker holes (mine has hole no speakers) is capable of holding any aftermarket tweeter size (from 1/2-3" I think is the numbers)

Plus those storage compartments are looking WAY to good for a 1 2 3 SUB BOX HAHAHA Hope this all helps

Ps watch out for Alternator noise these cars make things pretty rough for a Good Ground :beer
My speaker system

Ok as far as the doors went, I had to pull the door panels out, remove the metal subpanels, remove the stock speaker ( In one piece ) and made a subplate which is a 7" approx square of 3/8 black pexiglass with 1"X 1" wood stock to form a riser around the pexiglass. I cut a hole for a 6" coax speaker covered the whole thing with black felt and slipped it back behind the door. Using wood screws I mounted the speaker support bracket to the door ( fiberglass ) and this sets the speaker far enough back so the stock grilles fit and the grilles screw into the wood on the new speaker support bracket.

5 hrs to do this.

The rear ( convertible ) was done before I got the car... however there was a box made that covered over the hatches in the rear. The box goes from fender well to fender well and is about 12 "depth and about 7"tall, the "bottom" of the cabinet is open. The hatch covers are removed for extra volume ( cubic space ) and there are 2 kenwood hard plastic cones subs living in the box.

The dash
The car had 2 JBL 4X7's up in the dash.I just recovered the plastic holders

The Power amps
200 WPC for the subs
120X4 for the Dash & door combo.
Tha amps are hanging on the rear of convertible storage compartment.

Im going to change the dash unit out soon but for now I have a clarion am/fm single CD.


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