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Bouncing Gearshift and a Rattle in the Rear



A couple of years ago, I bought a used 1996 LT4 with about 8000 miles on it. A real nice car.

Two problems:

Whenever I would take off from a dead stop, the six speed shifter would bounce in direct proportion to what I did with the gas pedal. It bounced more in the lower gears than in the higher ones. I started looking around and discovered that the two 18mm bolts that secure the C channel/carrier to the back of the transmission were loose, ever so slighty, but still loose. I painstakenly tightened them and the problem went away.

I also had a rattle in the back whenever I made a turn and hit a bump, especially when making a right turn. It was real evident backing out of a driveway. I took it to a dealership and after a lot of work and time, the mechanic found a couple of loose bolts up above the spare tire.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Thanks
Welcome to the CAC:)

I've never had any of those problems. It's unusual that they would occur on a car with only 8K on the ticker. The only thing I can suggest is somehow getting the car on a lift, popping it in neutral & spin the tires and check U-joints and everything else.


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