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Help! Brake bleeding problem

allen parsons

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Aug 9, 2017
Southern Calif
1967 327
My '67 was pulling to the right upon braking so I decided to bleed system. Successfully bled three brakes with a vacuum gun until front drivers side caliper: nothing came out . Removed bleed valve and tried to suction directly from caliper--still nothing--and brake pedal pressure remained firm with bleed valve still removed. Also note that stepping on brake forced no fluid out of caliper. I assume that means there's total blockage in the line to that wheel (which would explain the pulling)--other side bled fine. What should I do next? Please explain in detail as I will attempt to perform any viable solution. Thanks greatly.
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First of all, you cannot "bleed" C2/C3 brakes using a vacuum pump.

The seal system in the calipers was not designed to seal against low pressure. Thus, when you pull a vacuum on a C2/C3 brake caliper, it's easy to suck air past the piston seals. That defeats the whole purpose of bleeding. You need to bleed the brakes with either a pressure bleeder or the traditional manual method with an assistant pumping the brake pedal.

As for the one caliper which "won't bleed" your diagnosis of a blockage is likely correct.

Inspect the brake pipes from the master cylinder down to that caliper looking for a collapsed pipe. Also inspect all brake pipes for rust. If the outside of the brake pipes are heavily rusted, you may need to replace all the brake pipes on car.

Replace the brake hoses.

Remove and split that caliper. Inspect the caliper internals. There should be no rust. Check to make sure the internal passages are clear.

Zip Products is a goos source for C2/C3 brake parts.

Reassemble the caliper with new seals and boots, then try and bleed the system. Pressure bleeding is best.
Thanks Hib Halverson

Took me a few days to get around to working on the car. I was finally able to free up the obstruction by repeatedly pushing on the brake with the caliper bleed valve removed. The lines themselves were in decent shape with no rust and kinking so I left them alone. I bled the system with the help of another person as you suggested. Brake pedal firmed up considerably and stopping power is fine with no pulling. I didn't address the caliper at this time (should I have?). Anyway, your experienced input was greatly appreciated.
If said obstruction did not come out of the bleed valve hole, then it may be lodged inside the caliper.

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