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Question: Brake caliper


Jul 27, 2020
dyer indiana
1987 Bright Red Coupe)
I know you've seen this a bunch of times, but Im new here I need info/help. left front caliper won't retract. all new parts.. I can see it retract if I hold it with a c clamp. I can hear and feel a popping in the hard line on the passenger side. If I put it together the left front caliper holds tight. ii took it off and with a c clamp I could watch it slowly apply like on the second or third pump . sooo now I am thinking there is a blockage in the line or a valve sticking inline somewhere. I found the ebcm control( I think its called) in the well behind the seat. but it doesn't look serviceable and only used, expensive parts are available.PLus I dont have the. tools to bleed through an abs unit and it was kind of a pain to do it manually on my truck not sure if it is the same process fo this unit. Now I know its not in the repair manual but sometimes hitting it with a hammer helps ?¿? there is no corrosion visible externally and I have no lights on. Is there a proportioning valve somewhere the can be changed out or is it all in the module?

FYI 1987 Corvette base model
the right front retracts ok ? Did you replace the hoses to the calipers they will rupture inside and cause a blockage.
I would bet the pads on that side were worn a lot more than the other side. Good indicator.
have you tried opening the bleeder when it isn't retracted to see if it does
You say you can see the brake slowly apply...

Is that with the ignition on or off? When the caliper slowly applies, can you hear the ABS pump motor running?

Your post was a little unclear on one thing...

Did you mean that if you hit the ABS modulator with a hammer momentarily stops the problem or were you asking if hitting it with a hammer would help?

There is no easy way to "bleed" the early ABS controller. If there is a problem with the ABS modulator, there are no cheap fixes.
Ya,sorry. at this point I was hoping bashing the module with a hammer might fix something. ignition was off, the abs motor did not come on. I had a helper push the brake pedal and it took three times for the caliper to extend fully but it would not retract. well after a couple minutes of non use it did. the caliper retracts fully by hand when the line is cracked. when I go looking for a used ebcm should I look for any certain date code. as long as in the same year will I be ok, are they different?
There is no abs action as far as the motor engaging or the light comes on. does this module control the braking at all times its like it is moving when not needed or is it an internal proportion valve of some kind?

can the vale be accessed or replaced?

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