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Brake Fluid ?


72 Bluz

Was checking fluid levels and I'm low on fluid. My manual say use GM Brake Fluid Supreme # 11. Obviously, the parts store doesn't stock that and the guy told me DOT 3 was what I needed. #1, is this OK to use and #2, do I need to bleed anything after it's poured in the master cylinder? I know it needs to settle and let the bubbles escape after pouring it in.

72 Bluz
72 Bluz,
DOT 3 is fine and is compatable with the "stock" GM factory fluid. How low is your master cylinder? If the valve at the bottom is exposed or even close to exposed, yes you will have to bleed that circuit. If it is just low, go ahead and add and don't worry to much about bleeding unless your braking seems poor. The bigger question is, whats leaking? You may want to give all wheels a close look for any indication of caliper seals, or brake hoses leaking.
Thanks for responding Dale

I was beginning to wonder if we were being avoided...you know, BO or making some offensive remark or something.

Anyway, Xena took about 9 oz of fluid. The larger cavity was lower than the smaller one if that means anything. The brakes have felt fine and I've not noticed anything unusual. Will check for leaks this weekend if not before. Now, if I could just figure out where my starting problem is.....but that's another post.

Gotta get me a picture of Xena for my sig. Nice car, Dale.


72 Bluz

If you don't see any evidence of a leaky caliper, then you may want to check your brake pads. If you have to replace them and you push the cylinders back to put the pads in, the fluid will probably runth over.

Brake fluid will fluxuate with wear of the brake pads, or if there is a leak in the system, I can't think of any other reason for the fluid level to change.

Believe it or not, the best brake fluid is Ford Dot 4. I know, its a Ford product but even the chevy racers use this stuff. I just finished rebuilding my entire front brakes and used it. Not very expensive either. Just my .02 worth.


72 Bluz

Thanks for the compliment. I'll be looking forward to see Xena. Blue is my favorite(can you tell). Bud, aka Rare81, is the resident picture help expert. He's been a big help for many of us with signature pics and avatars. :w I would have got back to ya sooner if it wasn't for that wreched night shift:r
Whenever the subject of brake fluid comes up, I am always compelled to mention not mixing DOT 5 with anything else, or you will ruin your system as the #5, when mixed with #3 or 4, will form a sludge and could result in total brake failure and will definitely require a complete rebuild.

Just a tip for guys with new cars who may be unsure what they have in their system. A lot of guys have gone to #5 as it resists moisture better and thus is supposedly better for our cars, as they tend to go unused for longer periods of time (during winter storage, bad weather, weeks off, etc.)

So, always make sure you know whats in there before adding new stuff.

Hi guys. I have used the Ford brake fluid and it is absolutely a fine product. The main advantage is it's higher boiling point, than most so-called high performance brake fluids. I would also stay away from DOT#5. Keep in mind that this fluid was developed for newer cars that have longer service periods. Especially since most drivers don't take care of their cars as they should. The biggest downfall of Dot#5, is the fact that it is a real pain to bleed. When a new car gets it's brake fluid changed, most shops use some form of pressurized bleeding equipment, so it poses no problems for them. If you're doing this yourself, it is easier to stay with a DOT#4 or #3. Your fluid may also be low because of water in the system. This will lower the boiling point dramatically, causing the brake fluid to evaporate when exposed to the high temperatures of braking. Bleeding them now and once every year is cheap insurance if you ever need to stop in a hurry. That's my opinion, anyway. --Bullitt

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