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Question: Brake lights are on all the time


Nov 16, 2016
Lansing, MI
1988 35th Anniversary
So my 1988 is off to the shop for the clutch replacement. All back together, they had to swap the clutch master cylinder as well. But now they are having an issue with the brake lights not turning off. Hey tried to unplug the switch at the pedal but said they still are on.

Trying to wrap tap my head around what the issue could be so I can try to start trouble shooting. Anyone ever seen anything like this before? It seems like it had this issue at home once when I was replacing the high mount bulbs and then it was fine. I just can't imagine what could happen that would make them stay on, other than a switch.

Thanks in advance for any help
Some GM's have two switches on the brake pedal. The wire colors for the brake lights are orange and white. So they need to unplug the connector with these wire colors. The switch is self adjusting. Push the brake pedal down a couple of inches. Wiggle the switch, and push it towards the pedal. Pull the pedal up against the stop, and the pedal will push the switch into the correct position.
DaveP is right. Some have a second switch that is designed to disengage the Cruise Control. As Dave said the Orange & White wires connect to the brake light switch. Be sure the shop didn't bend or dislocate the brake light switch or it's mount. Plus be sure they just didn't break the switch. It's only plastic and old plastic is brittle.
Thanks! It looks like they just moved the switch when installing a new clutch master cylinder.

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