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Brake Overhaul, Who to go with



I'm finally initiating the rebirth of my dads 73 stingray. Its been sitting in the garage for 5 years now. This week, we lubed the engine and turned it over a couple times, so things are looking good. Now getting it in driving condtion begins. We need a whole new brake rebuild kit. Calipars, pads, brake lines. My dad does not want to chince, but he wants it to be reasonable and fair price. I was wondering what do you guys suggest we go with. Thanx Again

Vette Brakes will have everything you need to do this job and their prices are reasonable. You probably can find the parts cheaper in other Vette catalogs, but really..... is this the area that you really want to "cheap" on? No. You want the brake job to be with the best parts. If you can't stop her once you're finished, it's kind of a mute point. Foo Git about it!! Go with the good stuff. It's worth it. Just my .02 worth.

Sounds like a fun project as long as the $$$ holds out. Good luck. Ask any questions you may have. There are experts in everything concerning C3's in the CAC and we'll all here ready, willing and able to help. Post pictures if you can to keep us abreast of the progress.

Good Luck and once again.... Welcome to the CAC!!

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If you don't know the history on the car for sure, look at the calipers very close. They may already be Vette Brake & Products. You will see a VB stamped on them. If this is the case, just call VB and make arrangements to send them back for a free rebuild/replacement.

Since the car has just been sitting, the moisture builds up in the system and does damage. Don't be surprised if you need to replace the master cylinder as well. Go ahead and put fresh flexible lines at all four wheels to top it off and a high quality brake pad.

Drain the gas tank and start fresh. Put a line off to the side of the carb off to a tank and pump it out of the lines. You may need to go ahead and give the carb a good cleaning. Todays gas does not last very long when left sitting around. I am sure it smells pretty foul by now.

Good luck bringing it back to life and welcome to CACC!
Welcome to the CAC!

Since you're going to replace the brake system, be sure to flush the system out while all of the old parts are still on the car. This way you don't run any of that water and gunk laden fluid through the new parts. Try doing a search at the top right of the screen for brakes in the C3 tech forum. Lots of us are doing the same thing and there are lots of good threads about it. Here's one to get you started: http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1127&highlight=brakes+replace .

It sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun once you hit the road so keep us posted and show us some pics when you get a chance.

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