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Brake Pedal Feeling


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May 12, 2004
2006 Machine Silver Coupe
Alright, I've got a new one here. Car - 2001 with 173k on the clock. I know the car needs a SWPS replaced as that code constantly shows up. Once in a while I get a TCS - No Comm, with the ABS Light showing, but that doesn't stay long.
Codes that have shown are (TCS) C1242 / C1287 / C1288 (PCM) P1571 (HVAC) B0367
This has happened a few times so far. While driving with the Service Active Handling light on, I step on the brakes and feel a "thump" or "bump" in the pedal. The Active Handling light goes out when that happens, then returns shortly after. There doesn't seem to be any brake loss, Thankfully.
Any clues as to what is actually happening?
Other challenges with the car, but not related are the HUD has the broken mirror syndrome, Dual AC control will not change more as low volume air comes from all vents, even on full and a squeaky suspension.

Thank you all in advance

Hib Halverson

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Jan 10, 2001
CenCoast CA
71 04 12 19
The bump you feel in the brake pedal is related to the EBCM.

DTC C1242 is a fault with the EBCM pump motor.

DTC C1287 is a TCS-related fault with the PCM.

DTC C1288 is a VSES fault related to the steering sensor

DTC P1571 is a fault with the torque request from the EBCM.

Clearly there are a number of problems, most related to ABS/TCS/VSES

First thing I'd do is replace the steering angle sensor and solve the problem with the EBCM pump motor, clear codes, road test and see what codes reset.

You need a Factory Service Manual and perhaps even an ABS breakout box to solve those faults.

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