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Brake torque?



Anyone know the proper torque for the bolts that hold the rear two piece calipers together. I can not seem to find it in the Haynes manual, or anywhere else for that matter. I'd like to get this thing :Roll again.


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I asked this same question on another board, and did not get a conclusive answer. Here's what I gathered:

40 ft-lb: from Richard Newton's book.

60 ft-lb: from Vette magazine's article "The Big Block From Hell". In this article they say that the figure found in the Chevy service manual (130 ft-lb) is for the front brakes only, and may damage the rear brakes. http://www.idavette.net/hib/BBfHInet12.htm

70 ft-lb: from Corvette Fever, July 2000. They don't mention any difference between front and rear specs, even though they seem to be rebuilding a rear caliper.

100 ft-lb: this is what the Vette Brakes tech guy recommended. But he was not positive at all; he was more like, "Good question... Hmmmm.... use 100 ft-lb... yeah, 100 should be fine...".

130 ft-lb: from the '74 Chevrolet Service Manual.

I decided to go with 70 ft-lb. I think more than that would be excessive, specially given that there's not a single bolt in the rear suspension that is torqued to more than 75.

I know this doesn't help you and only confuses you, but......

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Hey, maybe you should do a poll!:puke

Pedro74': You get around, don't you.

Really, I cannot see going any more than 70 ft./lbs. any more sounds excessive.

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