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Brakes...need help


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Nov 12, 2001
San Diego, CA
1992 Convt w/hard top; 2004 Z06 Z16; 1962 327/300
Ok, the time for brakes has arrived, with out warning....

Ok Ladies and gents, I seek your advise. Just so that we are all on the same page...92, 12" brakes, and I like to drive it hard.

So, the question is, do I replace pads alone? if so which pads are give the best performance.

If I need to replace disks (have not inspected for wear and/or damage), do I replace with stock or ?

Or, do I upgrade to 13" (factory HD setup 13" ) If so, what all in involved.


Seeing as how you already are able to accomodate thirteen-inch rotors and the fact that you like to drive it hard, you be hard-pressed to come up with a reason NOT to upgrade, other than financial hardship. ;)

I installed the Baer "Track" system on mine and have not regretted the decision. ;)

_ken :w
Ken Im Canadain and I cant find a price anywhere can you tell me how much those are?? (Ill do the conversion for the dollar NP) And Ill install them myself

Also I have a 85 (ALL Stock) can I even run those? If I need a Rim change I already did that

I REALLY want those :dance
I forget what exactly it was I paid for my brakes, but I paid for the labor to have them installed too. However, I found this at Syclone/Typhoon Archives:
Our TRACK front Baer Claw® system for (your Syclone) ...features 13.00" diameter rotors will NOT fit your factory (16") wheels and requires at least 17" aftermarket wheels. However the added leverage of the 13.00" rotor does improve overall braking performance. The TRACK front system #F1WT-10150-5HN carries a "Racer Net" price of $795.00 plus shipping and handling.

_ken :w
Thanks Ken.

Ok, the diagnosis. The backs are the ones that are gone. The fronts are not that far behind. I will probably do them in the next couple of weeks.


What is the recommendation for the backs?? OEM? Performance Friction? Hawk?

Thanks again.


btw, Ken- do those baer's affect your auto x class? I have been thinking about doing a little of that, but don't want to jump in the deep end. I have never done it, so I want to stay to the stock class, or what ever it is called.
oops forgot to ask....

I have line on a front set of calipers, mounting brackets and disks from 95/96 vette, so the 13" stuff. Is $250 a good price? Would that be a decent alternative to the Baer. If I added cross drilled or sloted rotors later, would I be in the same range? I know Baer makes some impressive brakes, but the price tag is a little scarry.


I agree with Ken..upgrade to 13". I put GT rotors in mine and it was a big difference in stopping power
If you can't afford to go the Baer route and replace the pads I'm happy with the Performance Friction pads. I think I got them at Autozone. It was a local store anyway. Front and back. They work good. I still can't see any wear in them or the rotors.
What about Hawk HP plus pads??

Ok, I will go with the 13" up front, but I will probably get the vette HD set up.

Do the same pads work on the 12" and 13" brakes??? I have seen ads that do not seem to specify one or the other.


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