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A very sudden event happened today as I took my '88 for a drive. As soon as I applied the brakes I got a hissing or whooshing noise...as in air being released. This occurred for as long as I applied the brakes. The brakes themselves felt exactly as if I had no power assist any longer. In other words, I had brakes but it took a lot of force to brake adequately. The sound itself sounded as if it were coming from the vicinity of the brake pedal...perhaps just on the opposite side of the firewall. Fluids are fine.

Any ideas? You guys(and ladies), and this site are awesome.


Sorry to tell you this, but it sounds like your booster is gone. The part is around two hundred. :(

_ken :w
It is the brake booster

It is the brakebooster i replaced mine two months ago. And it was exactly that noise you described and no power assist on the brakes. Zip had a repair kit but it is discontinued. :)

Thanks Magnus and Ken. That was a fast and confident diagnosis. Knowledge is wonderful. I believe Dan Quail said it best: "a brain is a good thing to have." Thanks again. Bob
be sure that you have vacuum going to the brake booster before replacing it. there may be an outside chance something broke or came off that suppies the vacuum.

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