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hi, my 2001 cpe manual says not to exceed 55mph and keep various speeds before the first 500 miles. but in reality i find this rule hard to follow. it is just not possible for me to keep under 55mph on the freeway in california. now i am afraid that i might have done some damage to my new vette already. it currently has 300 miles on it. am i killing my car prematurely? thanks.

i still wonder about the 3 click sounds when the car reaches 25mph. can someone shed some light on this? thanks.
My 2000 Silverado automatically locks it's doors at 25 MPH which makes a clicking noise.:W:
clicking sound @ 25mph

I know for sure it is not the door lock because my automatic transmission 2001 vette cpe locks the door when i shift out of park right away. The sound happens at exactly 25mph and always three clicks. Anyone noticed that too on ther 2001 automatics transmission coupe?
Hi James, :)
I got my 2001 on August 28th and I haven't noticed any clicking when I get to 25 mph and I have an automatic too. Wish I could help, but so far I haven't had any problems at all with mine. If it was me...I would take it back to the dealership and ask them about it.

Hi there,
No, you are not killing your car prematurely, as it will take up to 5000 miles to fully breakin the driveline.
However, you will not have to concern your self with this issue, other than a quart of oil possibly, but other than that, you will be fine.
Best to you, c4c5
Clicking sounds

I have a 2001 automatic and I have noticed the three clicking sounds at approximately 25mph. Very quick and distinct clicks. It almost sounds like the car is doing a system check.

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