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Brownstone suede interior


Oct 17, 2022
Sioux Falls, SD
2015 Stingray, Velocity Yellow coupe
Please share your experience in how you keep the suede clean & looking good.

Thanks in advance............................
Obviously, the Brownstone interior is somewhat rare. The console lid is covered in alcantara. When the driver normally lays his arm on the lid as he drives, the cover gets dirty from body oils. The lid loses the suede look as sections get matted, filled with dirt and looks shiny. This was the condition of the console lid when I bought the car.

Since I received no posting replies, I looked to YouTube. I found several videos addressing cleaning alcantara in cars. I found this video to be the most helpful and I followed his process. How To: Cleaning an Alcantara/Suede Steering Wheel - YouTube I purchased a suede brush and Kiwi suede cleaner.

I sprayed a light covering of a 3" X3" area with the cleaner and brushed it in with the suede brush. I then wiped it off with a new microfiber cloth. You have to keep using different parts of the cloth as it gets dirty quickly. I repeated this until the entire console lid was cleaned and again looking like a clean suede surface. Process took about an hour. I used less than a can of the suede cleaner.

Hope this helps someone else............................................

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