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building replica model



I own a 1:1 model 68 Vette big block convertible.( the real thing)
It has a L88 hood and Hooker side pipes.
I like to build a replica model of it 1:18.
I have a 69 REVELL 1:18 big block convertible model from 1992.
Now I need to get a model where I can rob the L88 hood and an other model to get a Hooker side exhaust.
Any ideas ?
Thanks a lot. Gunther
Parts for models...

Gunther, I know that the parts availability for model cars has come a long long way from when I was last building them, and I have seen so much stuff at events, and in hobby shops, I'm sure you shouldn't have a problem locating those items. ;)

Check the usual places like Exoto or Hobby People or Prestige. There are many many more hobby and crafts sources on the Internet, more than I'm gonna link here. :L

Good luck and show us a picture when you complete it. I'd like to do the same thing for my '87. ;)

model mania

Kenny and I found a model of the silver anniversary 78 in a small town (pop. < 900) hardware store! We put it together and painted it about 4 years ago. It's in the desk drawer (kitties) and I'm going to take it to work and display it in my office.
Good luck, I'm sure you can find models to canibalize the parts you want for it, they have many, many choices, nowadays!

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