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Bulb replacement


May 25, 2007
Pasadena, Texas
2005 Magnetic Red Coupe
Has anyone ever replaced a DRL/turn signal bulb in their C6? I need help. I was able to remove the access cover enough to get my hands on the bulb socket that is as far as I got. Can't budge the socket and now can't replace the access panel properly. Can anyone offer any suggestions?


Oct 24, 2007
2005 Mag Red Coupe
I had to remove my r front. I had no problem with the panel but it took quite a bit of force to turn the socket.


Well-known member
Feb 28, 2006
Vail, Arizona
Borrowed this from another....hope it helps........

access area inside the wheel well forward of the tire. The back side of the headlamp assembly is hidden by a rubber flap that's fastened to the fender liner with two-piece push-on plastic pins. I turned the wheels to the right to get at the passenger side, to the left for the driver's side, as you can see in this pic of that area with the flap in place.

Another forum member noted that jacking the car to raise the wheel well relative to the wheel provides more room to work. I have small hands and was able to complete the job without using a jack.

You only need to remove the outer three plastic pins that are marked in the photo above to be able to fold the flap out of the way and see the back of the headlight assemby and the DRL wiring and socket. This pic was taken at the best angle I could find, but it is still hard to see the socket - shown by the arrow:

I used a pair of diagonal cutters to pull out the center pin of the fasteners to release them, taking care not to cut the pins.

The socket must be turned about 30 degrees counter-clockwise to release it from the assembly. When released the socket can be pulled straight back out of the assembly. This pic shows the socket released and turned so you can see the rear of the socket; a release tab, discussed below, is marked with an arrow.

The bulb has a bayonet type connection and is removed by pulling it straight out of the socket

There are two keys to getting to the bulbs.

1. The wiring harness to the bulb socket is too tight on the driver's side to allow the socket to be rotated counter-clockwise. The wiring is clamped to the car just a few inches away from the socket. I was able to firmly, but carefully, tug on the wiring and pull enough slack from the clamp to allow the socket to turn.

2. The sockets must be unlocked before they can be rotated in the lamp assembly. This is done by squeezing a tab on the socket toward the center of the socket while you are turning. The tab is on the side of the socket and is difficult to reach, especially on the passenger side. On that side I used a small flat blade screwdriver in one hand to pry the tab while turning the socket with my other hand.

I think it's a good practice to use some silicone grease on the socket and bulb connection when installing new bulbs. The grease helps transfer heat away from the connection and reduces corrosion.



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Sep 7, 2006
2006 C6Z DSOM
The socket on the left is the one you want, (for the driver's side anyway.) Turn anti-clockwise until the wires get tight. (Approx 120 degrees give or take.) The wires should be pointed at about 2 o'clock. There is an "unlocking tab on the top before you start turning. Here~


bulb replacement

Fantastic pictures, with information like this how can you go wrong--


New member
Oct 24, 2005
Milpitas, California
1992 Polo Green,2005 mag red
Great instructions and pics. It was a great help for me.


New member
Apr 18, 2014
Corpus Christi, Texas
2005 Targa 6 speed Manual
I have now had to access both sides, and found that the issue was a bad connection between the socket and bulb for both sides. Bulbs checked good with a meter, and power was at the socket. Cleaned the contacts and its working again.
The left side wires were being held by a small clip type clamp and would not allow the lamp base to turn enough to remove. I used a screwdriver to try to pry the clamp, and it immediately popped lose and fell down in the bottom of the area. That freed the socket to be removed. I am assuming (and hoping) the wire clamp is somewhat superfluous, being almost impossible to replace (or even find) without further dis-assembly of the car. I once again look "balanced" from the front with both 'running lights" functioning, and can once again let people in front of my C6 know me that I am intending to make a left turn.

Thanks for the heads up on the issue and exact instructions to remove this, I didn't figure it out before reading this item

Here is where the wires are tight and the plug will now come out.

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