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Hey all. BigStubby here. I have been busy, busy, busy. I haven't checked in for a while. Hope all that went to Bloomington Gold had a good time. Anyone going to MidAmerica in September?

Anyway, I have a question. Is the a way to tell if I have the Z51 handling package on my car? And also, can someone give me an idea of what is on a build sheet from NCM. I kinda know what the build sheet is, but does it give you specifics on MY car or just general information on all 84's.

The reason I ask about the Z51 is due to the rough (understatement) ride on slightly bumpy roads. I was wondering if I could change out springs or whatever to get a better ride without loosing to much handling.

Thanks everyone....


All you need to do is check out your RPO codes. I'm not sure where they are located on your year, but someone here should be able to help you if you can't find them. (My sticker featuring the RPO's is located on the underside of the console hatch.)

If you have 'Z51' listed on your RPO's you have the option!

Thanks -J,

What does RPO stand for? I'm new to this Vette thing. Just got my forst one in May.

Z51 Confirmation Test


The quickest way to determine if you have the Z51 package is to start the motor and turn the steering wheel lock to lock. The Z51 is 2 1/2 turns. I have a 1986 Z51 and it rides great. The 1984's have a rep for hard riding.
I ordered a build sheet and window sticker from NCM. The window sticker is just "nice to have" but the build sheet has a lot of information about your car, including where it was delivered. There is a lot of information (number anyway) for items not on the rpo list(which is under the rear hatch).

GS*598 :beer
Big Stubby,

I have ordered the Build Sheets and Window Stickers on all my Vettes that are available from the NCM!:) The 1982 years and up are available, 2001 were released this week. The Build Sheets are specific to your car.:) You do need to keep in mind that if your car is an older car that these are copies of copies, and that the plant had stored these in boxes for years so some aren't in the best of shape, but it's really good information to have!:D I had mine laminated so that I can use it to display during shows.:w
BigStubby said:
What does RPO stand for?

Since mnobody else seems to see fit to answer your question, I will; RPO = Regular Production Order. ;)
1987 Z51 said:

Since mnobody else seems to see fit to answer your question, I will; RPO = Regular Production Order. ;)

Hey I knew that! ;)

mnobody? Did you oops? Paybacks are a bit**. :L :L :L Gotcha..

Thanks a bunch everyone. I can always count on you folks to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Have a great weekend....



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