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Buy a complete C16 now, or build as you like - details, w/in>


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Feb 18, 2002
The new Callaway C16 is avail. as a complete and engineered supercar or, you can build your Corvette C6 with any of the componenets, as you choose :cool

Here is a complete listing of what is avail. now from Callaway Cars in either the standard 560 hp model, or the ultimate 616 hp variant :upthumbs :lou

Callaway Cars said:
Callaway C16 Component Program

Powerfully Engineered Components...built for you.
View the Callaway C16 as a menu for the equipment and performance potential of a new or a presently owned C6.
More performance than a ZO6 Coupe is now available in any of the platforms; Convertible or Coupe , 6 speed manual transmission or 6 speed automatic.
New cars may be ordered through authorized Callaway Corvette dealers nationwide, or currently owned cars can be equipped at any of the three Callaway Factories - Old Lyme, Connecticut - Irvine, California - or Leingarten, Germany.
The following component descriptions detail each modification- what it is, what it does, and what it costs, as either an installed modification or as a component package.
In either case, you will be getting the best we know how to make. We have spent 20 years selecting, developing and manufacturing a highly specialized set of components for Corvette platforms. We have come to appreciate what works, what doesn't, what's a liability down the road, and what gives lasting satisfaction. If you were a highly trained engineer, with a refined aesthetic, who had been willing to focus on one area- automotive performance- for your working life, and then condensed that knowledge into a series of coordinated modifications, manufactured them as well as can be done, and offered them to the enthusiast in packages that treat the car as a well-tuned, systems-engineered entity, you would be us... making Powerfully Engineered Automobiles.

Drive Train
Transmissions: 6-speed manual (available w/wo Z51 Performance Package) or
6-speed automatic with paddle shift. Manual gearbox cars receive a clutch upgrade during the install of the supercharger system. Higher clamping force, improved friction material and
coefficient of friction is increased without undue 'stoplight strain'

Callaway/Eibach Multi-Pro coil-over suspension with double adjustable dampers, external reservoir with 10-position compression control; companion helper and tender springs supplementing composite leaf springs; front and rear Callaway anti-roll bars, tubular steel.
Callaway and Eibach have jointly developed the ultimate suspension upgrade for the C5/C6 platform. Our objectives were as follows:
Give the driver a tool to transform the ride of the automobile to his/her taste.
The elements that are now adjustable with the Callaway Eibach system are; ride height, pitch attitude, cross- weighting of the entire car, and of course ride frequency in both rebound and compression. With all these adjustment options we look to satisfy the driver who will tailor his ride and handling to their local conditions whether that be road or track, high speed or around town, autocross or cross country. Of course, we have good starting point suggestions for each of those uses. Once in place, you are encouraged to experiment.

AeroBody II
The Callaway C16 body replaces every panel of the standard C6 body with the exception of the roof panel. Designed to be a panel for panel replacement, it uses the standard attachment points as its datum, and preserves the standard cut lines of door hood and rear hatch openings. The panels are made of high grade glass fiber with a gel coat painting surface, They are designed to be refinished with either the standard GM top coat materials or any of the Callaway specified paint colors and attendant system s... PPG, House of Kolor, Sikkens, Glassurit, et al.
Re used from the standard car are the headlight projectors, the turn indicators and the side lights and one set of the tail lights.
New headlight lenses and inner reflectors are supplied.
Door handles and door handle cutouts are eliminated and a unique keyless entry system is introduced. The GM fob is retained. The door pops open when triggered by the fob. A fail safe mode is also retained in case of a flat battery.
Soft flannel car covers are available - custom fitted to the C16 shape.

Deutschleder Interior
The interiors are a work of art. Done to the exacting standards of the world's best trimmers, the C16 interiors are offered in two levels.
Level One- the basic package is included in the base price of the car. It assures that at a minimum the steering wheel and the instrument cluster and the serial number plaque will be customized in keeping with the designation of the car .
Level Two- full german leather appointments for the look, feel and smell of a car crafted to the highest standards. The client chooses his/her color palette to complement or contrast the exterior color. Detail embellishment may be specified at this point.

Matched Luggage
Matched travel luggage is generally specified using the same hides as the interior. Luggage is marked with the he VIN. The design of the 5 piece set is customized so that all pieces fit the available boot space in a nested fashion. The luggage is supplied by Schedoni, spA. Supplier to Ferrari.

Audio and GPS Navigation Systems
Navigation systems, phone systems and custom sound equipment are part of our job. Your specification is all that's required.

Wheels & Tires
Front: 19 x 10 Callaway/Dymag forged magnesium spider w/carbon fiber rims 295/30ZR19 Yokohama “Advan Sport” tires
Rear: 20 x 12 Callaway/Dymag forged magnesium spider w/carbon fiber rims 345/25ZR20 Yokohama “Advan Sport” tires
Tires make the automobile. We have partnered with Yokohama Rubber Corporation to enlist their expertise in making a bespoke tire for the Callaway C16. We are fortunate to have a partner willing to make the technological and financial investment in producing a tire specifically for Callaway. It is with their technology that we can take best advantage of all the other dynamic possibilities we have engineered into the automobile. Without a great and capable tire, all this work would be for naught.
Front/rear: Callaway 6-piston (front) and 4-piston (rear) calipers with 355 x 32 mm diameter rotors (front & rear). Extreme performance needs extreme braking ability. In keeping with enviable acceleration and top speed, braking ability is enhanced with the same package that the Callaway cars use at LeMans. Only the brake pad material spec differs for road use.

Wheelbase: 105.7 inches
Track, front: 62.1 inches
rear: 60.7 inches
Height: 48.1 inches
Length: 174.6 inches
Width: 72.6 inches without mirrors
Curb weight: 3,150 pounds (manual trans, coupe)
Fuel capacity: 18 gallons

Fuel Economy
City/Highway: 18/28 (manual transmission); 17/27 (automatic transmission) (est.)

Vehicle/Powertrain: GM vehicle and powertrain warranties apply with supplemental Callaway 5-year/100,000 mile warranty on Callaway components; Callaway warranty also covers any GM engine parts compromised by failure of Callaway components.

Performance (Manual Transmission, Coupe)
0-60 3.3 sec.
1/4 mile 10.97@128 mph
top speed 206 mph
lateral acceleration 1.15 g

Irvine - Leingarten - Old Lyme
Those are some big effin' wheels!

What makes the difference between the 560hp motor and the 616hp one?
Those are some big effin' wheels!

What makes the difference between the 560hp motor and the 616hp one?

20" x 13" and they only weigh 14 lbs :eek

Difference between the two motors is, the 616hp variant, has the optional head & cam (and related component) package. :cool

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