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Buying new 2002


Mr. Munson

I was originally looking to buy a nice 1982 for around $15,000. I could not find anything so I decided to use that money as a down payment on a new one. I had a leased 1998 that was turned in last July. I don't want to get hosed by the dealer so I was wandering what others here have recieved in discounts off MSRP. The convertible I'm looking at has an MSRP of about $55,000. I'll probably finance for 48 months.
Any help would be appreciated.

02 C-5

I would pay as little as possible over invoice !!! I started with a thousand over invoice , one dealership said yes , but they where about five hours away , the dealership I bought from said $2000 over invoice is as low as they would go . There where others that said they would never sell less than MSRP Plus $2000 . So call around , get on the net and find dealers in your state .


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Apr 30, 2002
Houston, TX
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You have to remember that if the dealer gets the car off of his lot quickly, he gets to pocket the 3% holdback from the factory. The 3% is a fee the factory pays the dealer to help with the cost of financing the car for the first 3 months on the lot. So, every day under 3 months on the lot is cash in the dealers pocket. That's 3% of the invoice price. So, if a dealer says they won't sell it to you for anything less than $1000 over invoice because they won't be making any money ($1000 rebate), you know that they are not telling you the whole truth.

Shop around, I saw a new 2002 Z06 for $45k in houston. Just have to look.


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