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C-3 bolt on rack and pinion kit


Dave L.

I was looking at my new corvette central catalog today.They have a bolt on rack and pinion kit for C-3's available.It includes every thing needed except the pump.It says you can reuse your existing pump.It states that it will clear aftermarket tubular headers and is a bolt on install with no welding,cutting or drilling required.
Installation time 3 hours with basic hand tools.Steering ratio is 2.75 turns lock to lock.Has anyone installed this system or have any thoughts on it?It looks like a nice set-up.It says the rack itself is a remanufactured GM-Saginaw piece,not some jap-junk.
Do a search on Yahoo or other site for "Steeroids" and you should find some info, and probably a cheeper price than CC. I've heard about a couple people putting this on but it was just after it came out and I really wasn't interested so I didn't pay much attention. Anytime I get a CC catalog I throw it away so I haven't seen their kit.
I am waiting in the wings on this one to see how it all comes out. I have all brand new steering stuff under my car right now with less than one mile on it in over a year. Anyway, I may go the rack route and sell off all my stuff after I hear some testimonials from others.

I am not 100% sold on it yet.
I've got the steeroid's kit fitted in my car. The steering feels so solid now. It's about 2.2 rouns from lock to lock. Like said it bolts right on. This is the best mod I've ever put my money on. Find more about it:Speed direct
Groovyjay- Thanks for the input.It looks like a nice system.I think it will be on my to-do list in the future for my car.I recently rehabed my stock system and it is performing great,but I would imagine there would be no comparison to the rack-pinion performance.I am glad to hear you are happy with it.Happy Motoring.;)
Doesn't that look EXACTLY like the photo & description from the CC catalog?

My steering is a bit loose on the top, and I was considering going the rack route instead of rebuilding everything else up front. Burglar, keep us posted on what you plan to do. I'm thinking next winter project.

Steve :w
I would seriously consider fabricating your own. For $1000 you can get the thing gold plated.
The key is to get the shortest length rack (longest steering arms) possible to minimize bump steer and mount the rack so that the arms are as close as parallel to your lower control arms.
I'll be doing the conversion this winter.
That looks just like the N body Rack that comes in the Grand Am, etc. I will have a spare one complete laying around here in a few days. Check out my thread under Other cars.. New to me car for $100.

My concern always is that the length of the tie rods will not always be in stereo with the swing of the control arms resulting in some quirky steering characteristics at certain speeds. Then again, I could be wrong.

I have not had any feedback from anybody putting alot of miles on this set up yet.

GroovyJ, keep us posted.
sac001 said:
Doesn't that look EXACTLY like the photo & description from the CC catalog?

The kit offered by CorvetteCentral IS the steeroids kit!


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