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C-4 seats in a C-3?


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Mar 20, 2001
Wichita, KS
Red on Red 1979 L-48
Has anybody put C-4 seats in a C-3? I never thought of my backside as large until I sat in my C-3 seat. :eek
I would like to put power C-4 seats in if they will fit. I do need full rearward travel.
I would ask the C4ers the dimensions of their seats. That would give you your answer...:cool
My friend Dave has 84 seats in his 77. They look like they belong in the car!
Anyone have pictures of this?

I would love to see pictures of this. Anyone with pictures of a C3 with later model seats please send them to me.
I'd like to see it too, so could you please post them here? I need to replace my seats also.
Barb :w
C4 seats in a C3

All you will need to do is use the seat tracks from your seats and attach them to the C4 seats and voila.
I don't have a digital camera :cry
My scanner just does not do a picture any justice!
C4 seats

I'm doing the seat exchange also. Seats havent came in yet, figured I'd tackle the mounting problem when I know the Electical stuff is in good shape and they are reupholstered. Think they C4 seats have a better SPORTY look than the C3 stock seats. The post says to use my original seat tracks, will these work with electric seats? will my leg room/head room be reduced?

87 seats in a 74

Wamp 74'
I don't think power seats will work with the 74 seat rails. I think the discussion was concerning non-power seats. The problem will be clearance with motors and the carpet. You can try though.
Too much...

I'm losing track here. :L

How can I get all three (or is it four? :L) of you guys together on this issue?

Let's see now; 1979toy started this thread, Wamp asked a question in another thread (87 sport seats (electric)) about C4 seats in a C3 in the C4 forum, and 74Stingrayrdstr started a thread in this forum (Where can I buy C-4 seats for my C-3) and in the C4 forum (Want to buy set of c-4 seats). Whew!! :eyerole

You all shoot it out among yourselves! :grinshot

When and if I get my seats out again Wamp, I'll get the dimensions, but by then it may be too late. :L


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