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Question: C2 powersteering

michael sommers

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Nov 26, 2003
67 sbc conv
I upgraded my c2 sb to powersteering.
I have concerns and questions about the results I might share,
for comment.
The steering effort at rest or low speed is now very,very easy
which great.
However at speed about 50-60 I feels very overcompensated/scary.
To those who have original PS. Could you describe the feel of your
PS? To those who have upgraded to PS have you had similar concerns
as myself?
I am thinking of going back to Manual steering. Any comments or
suggestions would be welcomed. Also suggestions about compensation
for power steering if possible would be great.

Thank you for your time
and knowledge
What you feel is typical of the C2/C3 power steering system.

Unfortunately, it's half-century old technology and poor on center feel and an overboosted feeling at speed were inhearant in that technology.

Now, there is one situation which makes that even worse. If you forgot to move the outer tie rod ends form the rear holes (man. steer) to the front holes (pwr. steer) do that now and have the toe reset. That might make it a little better...but not much.

There are some good alternatives but they are all aftermarket and make a major change in components.
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Thank you for your reply
I have looked at the fixes for this out
there and you are correct all look expensive
except for one at Jegs It replaces the pump flow
control valve with a lower flow rate .
It seems appears to cut the flow rate by 1/3
All in all a suicide knob may have been
the best fix.

Thanks Again
Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 1.07.58 PM.jpg
I would not use that restrictor. It was never intended for a 63-82 Corvette application.

If you do, you won't have enough boost at low speeds.

Unfortunately, there are no easy fixes for the problems you feel.
Thanks again,
A second look at this item indicates
that it might not be a good choice for

Thanks and

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