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C3 documentation

Feb 13, 2003
San Jose, CA
1972 LT-1/Air coupe w/all options
While I had my documentation package out to take the picture in this thread I snapped a few pics of some other stuff I've got for my car.

For starters, I have the original window sticker:


Which matches up well with the two part tank sticker I posted once before:



I've also got a bunch of other original docs including the owner's manual, protecto plate, jacking instructions and a few other tidbits in the original, if beat up, plastic envelope Chevy provided:


I didn't take a picture, but I've also got some old Vette brochures and lots of old registration cards, service records and other junk for the car.

All told I have about two to three inches of various documentation.

Oh, and I also took some quick pictures of my block casting numbers for the C3 Registry:


All proper for an LT1 block and my VIN. I'm happy about that! :D

I just thought I'd share. Some day, when this car is NCRS material, this stuff might matter! ;)

That documentation, matters right now, whether you're NCRS ready or not! In my opinion that window invoice, Corvette Order Copy, Protect-o-plate pamphlet make your LT-1 extremely valuable.

I didn't realize that your LT-1 is 102 cars from end of production, a very late car. Heck your invoice shows this car cost just $39.40 less than one of my '71 LS-6 cars, that was expensive in 1971.

I have a window invoice, Corvette Order copy and Protect-o-plate for one LS-6 coupe and Corvette Order copy for other LS-6 coupe. In my opinion, you got one helluva LT-1 example!

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