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C4 and C5 collision repairs


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Jan 20, 2002
seymour ct usa
1966 coupe
i know nobody wants to think about your corvette getting hit but if anyone has any questions please ask.i own a body shop and we specialize in vette repairs.we do all the corvette collison work for two large chevy dealers, i myself have been doing this for 25 years so ask and i will try to help.
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Thanks for the heads-up! It's always nice to know there's help available from within our own ranks. :upthumbs
ok, here's one.

Like most other c5's, the front end of my '99 takes a beating. Much of the paint underneath is gone, and it is starting to creep up the front. I figure I will need to get it repainted sometime in the future, though I'm in no hurry.

If I take it to a shop, what should I expect them to charge me just to repaint the front piece (pewter)? How much if they have to replace the piece because it's cracked a little? Also, what about the 3 pieces for the air dam?

No hurry, but it's good information to know before I go have it done so I don't get ripped off.

how much to paint a front bumper cover

first , labor rates are diff. all around the country. i am in ct,the labor rate is around $45-50. now lets start with how you want the job done. the front cover must be removed to paint. do not let anyone talk you in to doing it on the car, if they even suggest it thats not the place you want to do the work. 2nd thing is pewter is a tough color to match,we have to scan it to get a match every time we do that color, so be sure the shop has a computer scan system for color matching before they touch the car.and thats still not 100% perfect the rest is up to skill. we get approx. $900.00 to r&i and refinish a cover. replace about $1300. you can buy the small pieces from gm approx.$80. hope this helps.

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