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C4 good/bad?


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark

I don't know about prices in California, but $12K will buy you a pretty nice C4 around here.

It is true you may have an easier time understanding how things all fit together on a carburated C3, but you will also find a host of other problems dealing with the fact that the newest C3 with a carb is already 20 years old. That means unless you buy a garage/trailer queen you still have plenty of work cut out for you fixing things that have nothing to do with being a Corvette, just age related.

So, I would think you could easily get an early 90's model and maybe even a convertible with that price range. You will appreciate the added benefits of the tuned port or LT1 engine and the better built suspension and service parts of the C4 in that price range.

Sounds like you are on the right track.



IMHO you can get a solid C4 in your price range. I believe you can get a car that needs little or no work at that price. At 80k the only work I've done on my 85 was normal mait. or upgrades. They really are solid cars if maintained. I don't believe this holds true for a C3. As others have mentioned, you play you pay. In any case in the end buy what makes YOU happy.


This time of year is usually the best time to purchase a Corvette, at least in the states that have a winter w/snow. Plus, I'm sure people have traded up when Chevy had the 0% financing on new Corvettes.

Good luck on your Corvette hunting and hope you find a gem.

One thing to take note of, a low mileage Corvette may not be the best deal as parts can go bad from NOT being used. Plus, since the LT1's use Mobil 1, the break in period is much longer. My buddy had a bone stock 94, w/3.07 gears, and his best 1/4 mile time was this fall with a 13.3 sec pass. He had over 100K on the odometer. He said his Vette got faster as he racked up more miles.

I would look for one with around 50k miles.


I love my C4, and it hasn't given me a lick of problems. I guess that I could whine that I have to put tires on it when they wear out, and filling that gas tank sure does cost me money...It must be a design flaw.

If I had a car that gave me the problems that Dons did I would sell it and get a good one. It sounds like he should be driving Caprice/parisiennes instead of bowties. It takes a certain kind of individual to love their cars, and I think the cars respond inkind. If you cuss at your car it just might let you down :cry I'll tell you what Don, since you are having so many problems with it I'll take it off your hands. I'll give you $50 bucks and an ole caprice (I'm sure I can find one somewhere). I'll even toss in a spare windshield, but you will have to put it in. You can't get anything done around here for 99 bucks (that doesn't involve duct tape that is)

Viper 10

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May 5, 2001
'85 Light Bronze C4, '96 Blue/White GTS Coupe
Bad... the disco dashboard in early generation C4's.

Good... I have 157,000 miles and have not had any major problems with the car. The paint got tired after 12 years of waxing. I thought thatthe tires used to be expensive, until I bought a Viper.

It's a great car and I think that you'll enjoy it. A new C5 is a great, but I personally prefer the lines on the C4's (especially the ZR-1).

I bet you that there are plenty of people out there who envy your choice...

Merry Christmas everyone.



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Jul 18, 2001
Durham, NC
2002 Flat Black Z06
I'll add to that on the C4 being a solid car. I have a 92 that I bought with 50K on it from the original owner. I have the service receipts. All basic maint. It now has 80K on it. I've replaced the starter, battery, tires. I don't find it expensive to own. Most owners seem to spend more money on after market goodies than they do on maint. So if you don't crazy changing things your operating costs aren't bad at all. I personally think that because the cars are built in their own factory the quality is better than other GM cars.


Disco is dead

I like my disco dashboard (like flying a spaceship or something), but the mirrored ball hanging from my mirror kinda gets in the way, and driving with those platform shoes and elephant bellbottoms is hell.:Silly My car can do the hustle though. (yeah I know, I went too far with that one):_rock


C4 ownership

i have an 86 c4 with 61,000 miles its been taken care of and runs great .. i tried out several c3's and c4's before buying the 86 .. the c4 sits alot more comfortable ,gets alot better gas mileage ( when i was told it got 24 to 28 mpg ) i was thinking that the woman wasnt being honest with me ,but after driving it and checking it i was amazed that it did get that mpg.the c3's i drove didnt get near the mpg and didnt sit as well ...im 41 years old and love the way the c4 sits .


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Feb 13, 2001
Valencia, CA,USA
88 Convert ( SOLD ) /1973 coupe 4 speed/1964 Vert!
Would buy another C-4 before a C-5

But that 's not an accurate statement since I'm looking for a C-2!

But I moonlight in a Vette wrecking yard..
I own a 73 & an 88 currently
I've had
Ive worked on em all
and I've seen a few totals in all years.

I dig Sharks but they need more TLC and they are older ( read more milage...tired )

For my first.( knowing what I know today @ 44 )
It's the best deal out there
Lot's of good info out there ( #1 place is here )

I'm sorry about your experiences Don...however
I think you should sell yours... I don't think a Vette is for you.




Since I started owning Corvettes 25 years ago I've had C2's 3's and C4's. When you buy a car like a Vette you have to look at pros and cons. Every C3 I had had the problem of the rear spring breaking. Dangerous and embarrassing. I think for all around fun, handling and performance the C4 is the better car. Remember when you buy any sports car your automatically buying some sort of problems. But as far as I'm concerned those problems are worth it considering the fun and performance in return. the best advice I can give you is don't anything but a bone stock car. Any modified or custom car will cause you problems. You want the car like it came from the factory. Good luck.


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