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C4 non-popup headlight system

I've actually been thinking about doing something like that when it comes time start putting my C4+454 project car together. Though I really dont like that style. I was thinking about adapting a set I saw in Ecklers that are for C5's.


P.S. The 454 comes out of the Blazer tomorrow!:upthumbs
Can you say UGLY!? I knew ya could.

I like them on the C5-R. Other then that, no thanks.
I have seen that. EEEEEEEWWWWW!!! :(
I love the look on the C-5, but not on the C-4............I think the C-4 looks better with the pop-up lights:)


I think they look a little 300ZXy. You can throw rocks at me if you want but I think they look a bunch better than a C4 with the lights open. Where's that smiley face for ducking.

Tom :gap
No way! The coolest thing I've ever seen is my brother turning on his lights in my rear view mirror. I love the C4 pop-ups. Also the lines of the car look way better with the pop-ups when the lights are off than with the clear glass.

I have always liked the racer look and to me, if the C4 had other mods that made it look like a Le Mans refugee those lights would be perfect.

I would rather cut out the front license plate area and install two big driving lights behind a clear cover. that would look like a race car. The fixed lights are ugly to me, but that's just my opinion.

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