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C4 oil filter




I have just bought my Vette (a 1986 auto coupe) and I'd like to know what is the usual oil filter of the car ?
I live in France and some parts are hard to find. So I wonder what oil filter is the best for my car.
I've heard about ACDelco PF25 and PF35 , gold and normal models. Is there anybody who knows about the differences between all of those parts ?

thanks :eek
From my understanding, the PF25 & PF35 will both fit, but the PF35 is a little deeper holding a bit more oil. On my '85 I always went with the PF35. Hope this helps a bit.

I use AC PF35 also, no problem, it's just a longer version of the PF25. Fill it with oil before you install. I don't by more expensive "Gold or "Long Life" etc. etc. I've had lots of cars and put on many miles and never had an oil related problem, just chnge oil & filter every 3000 miles and you shouldn't have any problems there!

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