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C4 performance parts


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Aug 1, 2001
2003 Z06
I was on the net looking for some performance parts, on dealer sites and eBay as well. I came across a few things of interest:

A guy was selling a Granatelli MAF. Anyone ever hear of that? Any numbers on it?

It seems like my aspirations of a pair of Borla's are going to be $500 no matter where I look. But I have seen people selling 40% off certificates if you buy straight from Borla.

Open air filter lid, guy wanted $50 for it, used!

Any thoughts or suggestions?
That MAF is for later years than yours. 88 right? You can make changes to your MAF if you want. Schools out wheather or not it adds power for a daily driver!
The open lid works. It works best with a high-flow filter. I have both items for sale. Email me if interested.
I've seen the Granatelli MAF in the Corvette Central and a few other catalogs. It sells for a pretty penny. I do know that it won't fit your '88, though. I remember looking at it and finding it was made for early '90's models all the up to '96.


I'm not quite sure it'll fit mine either. I forgot which model year he took it off of, but I think it was an LT1??? He said that he paid $360 plus shipping!

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