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C4 Torque Arm availability


Sep 13, 2015
Richmond, VA
1995 Polo Green coupe
My 1995 Corvette failed inspection yesterday due to a bad Torque Arm support (GM part #14091265). I was told this is apparently, an issue with C4 Corvettes. It is a discontinued part. Is anyone aware of where I can buy a new one? Looks like my only alternative is to buy a used one (which I have found and placed an order for hoping it does the trick).
To clarify a bit. The torque arm can also be described as the "drive shaft C channel support beam". It slightly resembles an old bridge support. My mechanic says this is a weak link in C4 Corvettes so kinda surprised no one else has chimed in here.
What was the problem with it? cracked ? This is the first time I have heard anything about them being a problem.
The metal is cracked on one end where the bolts protrude through the beam. And, those two holes (where the bolts go through) have widened which is allowing the drive shaft to move up and down
You now have me thinking I need to check my 90 it has just over 100K on it . I was not aware of the problem.
There are some on EBAY , I am not sure if I would trust those . Hope you get the problem resolved.
I bought one of the used support beams offered by a dealer in PA and it arrived in very fine shape. The auto shop installed it along with a kit of "ZR51 beam plates" which strengthen where the bolts attach at both ends of the drive shaft beam. This is an aftermarket offering that is recommended. It helps prevent the drive shaft beam mounting holes from widening as the beam is made from aluminum while the plates are made from stainless steel. The car does indeed run a bit smoother. So, the car now passes inspection and, I also had the oil/filter and coolant replaced while it was in the shop.

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