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C4C5 I need you!!! Or Engine Advice....


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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Ok I got my car out of the shop today. When I put in there I had Blue Smoke Sheets!! come out of the pipes off start up only! after the vehicle Warmed up it stopped.

So the Mechanic said seals and I said do them!

Now I wittnessed him do them but today I have blue smoke that wont stop!! It blows blue when I DEcelerate and when I approach a stop it will do it of Initial take off for about 2 seconds

Now Im BROKE!! I think the mechanic screwed something up personally but I need some advice on what to do
Not that I'm an engine person...but I thought "chevy blue" at startup was somewhat normal and caused by oil leaking past the rings on the pistons until they heat up and expand.....what exactly did that mechanic originally service?
Ok I was told it was Valve seals. My car NEVER did this before like I said it only did it off initial start up till it was warm NOW it does it when I release the throttle or start up from a dead stop

It still sounds like seals but how is that possible(to me anyway)
Whoops mechanic did replace those seals to :r
somethings very wrong

Hi there Red,
Sorry about your issue, however, there is one of 2 things happening here.
First, the seals that were put in were NOT correct, and are leaking oil past the intake stems, causing the condition.
Or, a few of them were NOT seating correctly, causing your condition.
Here is why, when you decelerate, you create extremely high vacuum in the intake, which will pull oil, fuel, and air past any part that is NOT sealed, so when you decelerate, you are pulling oil past either the intake valve stem seals, or your PCV valve is NOT closing.
Now, unfortunately, I would gather from your post, that until the stem seals were done, you only had this on cold start.
I would take it back to the mechanic, drive the car with him, and show him the condition. If he is reputable, he will have NO problem going back in there, to see what happened.
I have seen bad seals, so this could be the issue.
Please keep us posted, c4c5
Thanks C4C5 Im gonna give my mechanic a swift kick in the Ars for sure Im gonna tell him everything you said (makes sense to me to) ! Again thanks alot :mad ;)
Oil use on decel is often due to failed intake valve stem seals. You can bet, because of the heat on the exhaust side, that if the intake seals are bad, so are the exhausts. From the post it sounds like a seal replacement was just done.

The mileage on this 85 was not posted, but because of the model year, I'll assume it's somewhat high.

My suggestion is, rather than having the stem seals done again, is to pull the heads and do a "valve job". The valve seals will get replaced in the process. Get this mechanic to do a full valve-job and give you a discount on the labor for the problem with the first seal replacement.

If you plan to drive this car a lot more miles, a good upgrade would be to replace the stock-type stem seals with some kind of more aggressive seal such as the Teflon "PC" type seals.

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