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C5 Air Filter Box Is The.....................


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Jul 12, 2001
Middleboro, MA
99' MR Coupe, 04' Silverado 03' ZO6 Sold
Biggest piece of $h1# I've seen in the way of engineering. I never imagined that my old 94' C4 air filter box was a good design. I wish I had it with my 99. I can't believe they put this on the car. Aftermarket is the only way to cure this hidious design.
If anyone agrees, please let me know that I'm not the only one.
It's not the best around, but it is also not the worst. I did modify mine though because it can be better.

Yeah I'm cutting the hole tomorrow.
It just the overall design of the stock box that bothers me.
Todd, I agree with you, it could have been better but we got to deal with the cards that we were delt with and go from there.
Re: Airbox

Yeah I'm cutting the hole tomorrow.
It just the overall design of the stock box that bothers me.

They did change it on the 01s by putting a small hole in the top. Then the 02 Z06s got an even bigger hole. So you could buy one of those and put it on.
I have heard about this mod before. Do you have any details on how and where to make the cuts?

Here's a pic of the one Mid America sell with a hole cut in it.

Does this mod increse the sound of the intake at full throttle ?
Corvette Junkie

Thanks for the picture.
cold air box replacement

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