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C5- Last Year of Production



Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. We recently had another new member from the islands.

Since it is the current production model the last production year for the C5 is 2002 as of now. I don't know for sure what it will be though. It could be 2003 or 2004 if the new Corvette is delayed very long.

C5 - Last Year of Production

If the last productin year for the C5 is 2003, what would be the best time to put an order? around April 2003?
C5 - Last Year Production

Who is your source? Do you have any insider information from GM?

Based on the car magazines I have read (Motor Trend or something like that) , they are not really sure. They are saying that C6 is coming out in 2004.

By the way, is it true that the C6 will be approximately 10k more than the C5?

Would it be wise to E-Mail or Snail Mail GM directly? But then again, they will probably beat around the bushes. Oh wells, I figure that this "forum" is wiser than those top brass there!

Thanks to those people that responded so far? I hope you guys will be patient...I'm a newby! LoL
The C6 is delayed. It should be out late 2005 or 2006. So for now enjoy the C5. It is a great car.

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