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C6 renderings



In case you've missed any, I have several sketches/renderings of what the car mags think the C6 will look like on my site.
They date back to Sept of 2000 when Motor Trend released their version.
It is interesting to see them all in one place & compare lines & curves. :)

Black Ice

The Motor Trend version is very close to the rear end I saw on the Floor at BG factory. Note the 2 piece design. The tail light section had only two cut outs But I would guess the lights to look close but under a common clear bubble on each side. Also the version I saw the lower portion on the 2 piece bumper panel protruded the upper panel by about 3 inches looking more "bumper like". Also the muffler vents cut out was not as "agressive" looking as MTs picture. Ross

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