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C8 Drive Modes


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Jan 21, 2021
New Jersey
2020 Z51 HTC w Magnetic Ride Control - Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic
I have a 2020 C8 Z51 HTC w Magnetic Ride Control. I have some questions about the C8’s drive modes.
The car and its systems are understandably complex. The various performance systems behave differently, depending upon which drive mode is selected. I have read everything I could find on the subject, but nowhere is there a clear explanation of what exactly is going on in each drive mode. That is the question I am trying to answer.

The Z51 with Magnetic Ride Control actually has 10 preset drive modes:

Basic Preset Drive Modes
1 Weather
2 Tour
3 Sport
4 Track
Competitive Driving Mode
5 Sport Mode
PTM Track Modes
6 Wet
7 Dry
8 Sport 1
9 Sport 2
10 Race

As far as I can determine, there are 8 performance systems that vary their settings based upon the drive mode selected. (I am not including the non-performance items that change such as Engine Sound, Cluster Display, Display Theme, Informational Titles, and Active Fuel Management.) The 8 performance systems are:

1 Traction Control System Engagement
2 Electronic Stability Control Engagement
3 Available Power
4 MRC Damping
5 DCT Shift Speed
6 Brakes - Computer Assist
7 Steering - Computer Assist
8 eLSD - Allowed Slippage

The attached chart shows how I would like to see this information laid out. I am not looking for specific values that might reveal the exact tuning of each system. I am simply looking for general descriptors like “high, medium, or low” that would provide an indication of what each system is doing in each drive mode. This keeps it simple and still provides useful information.

I would very much appreciate it if some knowledgeable people could take a look at the attached chart and correct me where I am wrong. (I did a good bit of guessing along the way.) And if there is a better way to put this picture together, please let me know.


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