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California Corvettes different than from other states?



I am still looking for my "entry level" Vette and have yet another question...
I've located and inquired about 3 vettes now (85-86 and 87). All of them were priced at or about 9k.
Now I have located a 1986. The ad doesn't tell me much and is worded:
"1986 Corvette, runs excellent, California car, red/gray int, glass top, $7500."
Can somebody give me a clue as to why this one would be priced in the price range that the "Corvette Price Book" suggests is fair for it, rather than the 9-10k that I've found to be the standard asking price in this age range? Is a CA vette one to avoid or something? Is there something I should be asking the seller about this or should I just assume they are just asking a fair price. All the cars I've inquired about have had mileage up around 90 to 102k....do you suppose the mileage is wayyyy up there for the price to be so fair?
Just looking for input from anybody that cares to give me two cents worth.
Mooose (aka Scott)
I would assume that California cars, since they can be driven year round, have higher miles. Perhaps there are also cosmetic imperfections, which are expensive to fix. It doesn't hurt to call and ask the guy, it's okay if he tells you something that you don't want to hear. There is a Corvette out there for everyone!
A California car generally refers to the additional emissions equipment needed to meet CA's requirements. It used to mean less hp, more weight, more breakage... Now most cars emissions will meet CA's requirments. The advantage of some CA cars is that they don't see the salt we see in New England
Mooose have you seen this????

In the General Market Place under 1984~1996 IB Topless has one for sale, near Chicago. :J

And, the older Corvettes were somewhat different here in California, i.e. NO FOUR SPEEDS in some years, SPECIAL Carbs and engine.. and of course SMOG STUFF. The smog stuff may be a little different in the 1984-1996. Other than that, and, like singledad_9 says... most are pretty rust free.

the "california car" thing really only matters to someone that is planning on registering the car in CA. Cars that were not originally sold in CA are put through a lot grief and paperwork when registered there.


(former CA resident)
Bought a Cal Vette

Most cars in California including Vettes have high mileage because the cars can be used longer during the year and driving distances are usually longer. When i moved here I bought mine with 118k and it's been fine except for normal wear. The original owner drove 200 miles each day round trip to work. Go figure. The pro for a Cal Vette is the dry climate which isn't as hard on the car as say the humid midwest. The con is the sun. Your constantly fighting that sun fading paint and interior. Hope this helps.

Many thanks!!

I appreciate the tip on the 88 from rare81...I will definately be checking on that one.
Thanks to all for the opinions. I've been under the impression that the CA vettes are of lower horsepower, but if the reason for that is smog equipment....guess that removed easily enough, eh? Here in MN we dumped our emissions testing before you can get licensing in the last year or so (goodbye cat converters!) hehehe
vettes & such

Hey, Mo-o-o-o-o-se, how Yo-ou's doin:? Here in Minneso-o-o-ota, we don't need no stinkin smog checks, the air be nice & clean. If I were you, I'd get a TPI vette, they rock...I got one in a 3rd gen and me and my " car-punk buddies" ( especially Scott) really digs it. One car you never want to buy is a 65 Impala...sometimes they even had cheezy hood scoops & 8-tracks. Har! Har ! Har!!!

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