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Feb 25, 2001
1993 SuperNatural 400 #5 /99 LS1 Z28 N2O equipped
Just wondering how many Callaway owners are on here. I just registered the domain name callawaycorvette.net (.com) was taken and will be developing a registery of sorts on my web site. Since there is none except that which is maintained by Callaway and it's really for there own use. Be kinda nice to see a list of SuperNatural and B2K cars to see how many I can get on there.
Hi supernatural400. I believe we have had some discussions a while back about some further mods we were both doing.
I am the owner of a '96 SuperNatural 450 Grand Sport. This was the 1st GS that Callaway built & I believe there are only three GS's that were actually done.
Don't recall any other Callaways on the forum, but if there are, please speak up. We are a small enough minority as it is.
Remember you well, In fact I think I saw a copy of your sign at world of wheels, in Boston. It said on the plaque that it was the only Callaway GS, must have been a while ago. I believe there are 5 now. Done any mods to the car this winter? I am supposed to get mine down to Callaway in May for the 450 upgrade. They tell me there not taking any new cars ,only OE because there so backed up I could not get a spot until May, they still have not faxed me the quote for the work so I can send them a deposit to fit it in. By the time they get around to it, probably be july before anything is done
Callaway Registry Start Up!


If anyone here would like to be placed on the start up list for the new Callaway Registry Service, email me back.

Callaway has done nothing with the Registry since I turned it back over to them back 1999 except help owners sell their cars (a fee charge of 3% to both buyer and seller). Everyone that has purchased a Callaway has spent enough money with Callaway. We all deserve better.

Also if anyone here CAC has any problems or performance questions, please contact my email and direct it to David F.

Stan A
Past Director
Callaway Registry
I have #87-092 B2k. It's a yellow convertible.
... just over from CF......

looks like a few others drifted over.....

1995 Callaway SuperNatural 450
Callaway Regsitry Start Up

Although you may already be on the list from the other forum, I am still asking everyone to email me directly to be added:



Full Name, address, City, State, Zip
Callaway Model - year - setup (4/6sp/Auto)
Callaway Production number (tt only)
Mods, if any

NO Pics at this time....

Thanks to all of you for your help,

Just over from C/F

89*2 posted this on the Corvette Forum! Good Going! Does he get any commission for bringing over other people?

I'm in the Callaway forum because I own '87 Twin Turbo #37.

I encourage everyone to send their info to Stan A so that we can formally kick off the Callaway Registry in a big way.


Stan Has all of my info.

I am a big supporter for a new Callaway Registry. We have to keep these cars well documented and maintained so we don't kill them or let them be forgotten in time.

They are beautiful beasts!..


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