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I would like to hear from any CAC members about a company named "Exotic Muscle". They offer a full length header for the 1996 LT-4's, and the price seems reasonable. If anybody out there has had dealings with this company, I would like to know thier opinions about the quality of the products, did the product fit properly, and how was the installation of the product ?

I've dealt with them. I purchased a roll bar from them. The quality was excellent. I've also spoken with them on the phone about some of their other products and they are very helpful and appear to be quite knowledgeble. I've also seen posts on this forum and other Corvette forums from peolple who have dealt with them and they have no complaints.
Hope this helps

what is the price and are they coated or plain steel?
What is Reasonabe ?

Hello, and Thank You for your responses, FX GS, and VetsVette ! The price quoted for the headers themselves is $425.95, and then another $215.00 for the ceramic/HPC coating. I was following Chris's posts about his engine swap in the '90, and he bought a set of headman headers for cheap, and said they fit very well, and were easy to install, however, he was working with a regular small block chevy, and I am not familar enough with the LT4 to know if the same header would fit my car ? I know several people have recomended Hooker headers for my LT4, however, I can not find a listing on thier website for an LT4 application ! Thanks Again,

Hey check out Lingenfelter. he sells ceramic coated headers for 525.00 They are not full length however. Made to bolt on factory cats. Scott

Hi All !!!
Fugitive, thanks for the tip, however I only want a set of Long tube, or full length headers, it would be nice to be able to just bolt a set of headers into the stock exhaust, however I am wanting to maximize the torque of my engine, and shorty style headers just aren't able to do what I want them to.


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