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Can you repair without body shop?



Is it possible to repair a small (appx. 1/8") nick in the clear coat due to a rock thrown by a truck? There is some damage also to the paint below the surface.

If so how?
Body Shop

My experience has been not good patching rock chip's. The area needs sanded and feathered to look right.The touch up leaves low spots that really show.Just my 2 cent's.Welcome to the forum
You can, but should you?

You can technically remove your own appendix but should you? There are people who do a professional job and then there are people who could hack it up. In the end you get what you pay for. If I were you I would take it to a good local body shop and see what they say. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
Spend $20 for this kit.

Over the years I have tried everything. The wet sanding works ok,its alot of work too. I laugh when I think I did that too.

This stuff is the easiest and the best.


I no longer worry about rock chips. I fixed all mine last year in about an hour using this kit.

So far only got two more this winter and when it gets warmer they will be gone too.
You can get some touc up paint, and buff the area with microfinishing compound. Very carefully and with sevral coats try to fill the nick with paint. Let is dry well between coats, when is is all done lightly sand with 1200 or grater grit wet sandpaper, and buff out with microfinishing compound again. Good luck, and if you still do not like it then take it to a shop. You will still be able to see the damaged if you really look at it, but that is your choice.

P.S. if it is a metalic color, do not even try.
fixing rock chip

There's a great article on the subject here:


Let us know how it works out. I'm about to fix a similar rock chip on the nose of my 2002 coupe and would like to know your, or anyone else's for that matter, experiences trying to do this yourself.
It all depends.

If the ding is low on a panel, even a mediocre touchup may be good enough. If it is in the middle of a panel or on a top surface, probably no touchup will be good enough because it will glare at you every time you walk to the car.

Also, if you have a body ship reshoot just a panel, it may not match perfectly no matter how good they are. They may have to blend into adjacent panels and then reclear a large portion of the car. You have to decide if it's worth it, especially considering that you will get more dings sooner or later.

As I said, it depends...

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