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can't get my fob to work



I followed the instructions and got to press both buttons l/ul at the same time but nothing is happening. I had changed the battery when it stop working. It still had 2v in the old one. This might sound stupid, but my oil pressure when out about the same time as it is peg at 80. I read on this and thought it was the sending unit. I also tryed my other fob and nothing works also.I am not getting anything from my DIC.Help! Thanks Frank
Jan 19, 2003
5,800 feet above sea level
2006 'Evil Stealth Black' Roadster
I'm curious... what did the problem turn out to be?



I have a 2000 vert and was useing fob #2 and did not relize it until I changed to a new battery in fob #1. When it ask to press both buttons on on #1 I was really pressing #2. Then I changed the battery to #1 and dam if it didn't work. What screw me up is both batterys went out at the same time and that's why nothing would work. Sounds stupid but I didn't know I needed both fobs because of not knowing what one was #1. My wife can't understand why I just couldn't use the key! Now my pressure off on the oil,peg to 80 so I need a sending unit. I thing I will take it somewhere because I'll never get it back together.haha

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