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Car is running good, and Wonderbar is in. What next?


Jan 9, 2003
I know I post pretty infrequently in this section, but I am here again to help out my buddy Byron. Byron has a Black 88 Callaway with the ground effects package. The car had sat up for several years and has been showing the effects on non-use.

Anyhow, the car has been running pretty well for some time. The local dealership has resolved all the issues from the car sitting for so long, and it gets driven pretty frequently now. The Wonderbar upgrade from Callway was ordered and installed last week . My understanding was the entire kit is around $2000. :eek

Anyhow, it is in now. From speaking with Byron it seems to have much less lag, and gets into the boost much quicker. but of course he's ready for more.

He wanted me to ask (for him) what you guys would recommend next along the lines of upgrades on the car. If I remember from the last time it was exhaust, then tuning. I'm going to see if he can get on here and stop being a luddite. I think it time for him to make it to the 20th century...

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Feb 18, 2002
The Wonderbar is a GREAT place to start - I have heard it *Can* take as little as four hours to install by an owner, but that is not typical.

On my one 89 w/ the Big Wonderbar, it also has larger exhaust - a true 2.5" exhaust that goes two pipes off the turb, to a 3" center section, back to the reay y-pipe. All of it looks to be custom and VERY free flowing! :eek

Once you have the air going in, exhaust is the logical next step I would think.

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I hope this helps :m


Since the 100+ is not available - yet, I would opt for the next step to be to open up the exhaust and let some of that air through that engine.

The "McArdle Exhaust" that Callaway sells along with the Megaphones is the way to go.



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