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what is the quick clay kit? And what do you use to wipe the polish off with??
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Should get more discussion here ;)
blueslady said:
what is the quick clay kit? And what do you use to wipe the polish off with??

quick clay is kind like silly putty , by rubbing the entire painted surface of the card with it, you remove the airborne contaminents that will stick to paint, smooths out some minor rough spots. but in using it you must wash the car first. I recommend Dawn dishwashing detergent as this is suppsed to be the best for removing wax from a car, after that's done then you clay. Most of the clay kits have a form of lubricant that's associated with it , although any carwash soap will do. just make sure you keep the area your working on wet at all times or you could end up dragging the clay and scratching the paint, after you clay then wash again with dawn. then apply the wax of your choice. To see the difference after you wash the first time rub your hand ,say, over your hood then after you clay and wash again rub your hand over the same area. it should feel like smooth glass. depending on if you car was every clayed you might have to clay twice to get the glass like smoothness. during the clay process you need to keep folding the clay bar in to it self so you have a clean area to remove the contaiminents

As far a wiping off wax, you want to make sure you use 100 % cotton towels, don't use diapers as the nap is to smooth and you can actually trap debris in them and drag across the car. Make sure that you cut off all around the stiching on a towel as the thread in the borders contain polyester an that can scratch and also use white . no colored towels as the dye in the towels does make the area rougher. Good 100 % cotton towels run around $15-$20.00 a piece, so don't skimp. Towels like at Wal- Mart, K-Mart etc. are not pure 100% even though the tag on them states that. I bought mine from the cannon web sites at a reduced price because they were seconds and they could sell them in stores. for the price they are great
That reminds me I gotta get this new ride..clayed..first show is in a couple of weeks :D
supernatural is right on target...couldn't have said it any better!:)

One thought, go easy on the clearcoat. Clay should not be used regularly. It is for smoothing out the finish or revitalizing oxidized finish. You are actually removing paint from the surface.:nono

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