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is there any differance, at all, in the OEM carbs on 1979 L82s and std engines. i'm either going to rebuild or get another carb and i want to know before i get the wrong one. we all know how counter people are at the parts order desks and i want to be sure the jetting/mettering system is proper.
thanks, mike
The part numbers are different for each engine. That would most likely indicate that the carbs are at least jetted differently. I would rebuild my current carb if it seems to be jetted close to correct. Any local shop can do a proper rebuild. Make sure that they put new bushings in the throttle shafts though.
thats what i thought,but the rebuilders,all of them, only list one number for rebuild kits and only one number for new or rebuilt carbs. i guess if i get a standard rebuild kit and don't mess with the metering rods or jets i should be okay,right? RIGHT!!


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